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   'Nam '68
(2-player, tactical, Vietnam)

   'Nam '68 Zip Edition is a tactical (individual soldier) combat game set in the jungles of Vietnam during 1968. One player controls individually rated US soldiers, and one player controls individually rated North Vietnamese soldiers.  The game takes place on a map depicting jungle terrain. Several different scenarios are provided, covering firefights, meeting engagements, perimeter assaults, and so on.  Soldiers are rated for fire combat and movement, as well as if they are a leader or not.  A variety of weapons are used (M-16, AK-47, SKS Carbine, M-60 MG, RPD MG, etc.), and there are rules covering grenades, shotguns, morale, entrenchment, weather, and more.
    'Nam '68 is similar to the game published in Panzer Digest #9, except this Zip Edition includes additional, new unit counters, and a new scenario.

'NAM '68
12-page illustrated rule booklet
86 color thick card counters
8.5" x 11" color map


'Nam '68
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